Our Nest Boxes were designed by and have been used by professional bird breeders for over 20 years. They are constructed from sturdy, 3/4 inch wood. Each box is meticulously handcrafted, glued and nailed shut. Our glue is FDA approved for indirect food contact making it safe for the birds. Upon completion each box is put under pressure to prevent light from spilling into the box at the seams which reduces the temptation for birds to to start chewing at the box where any light would leak in. The glue is also water proof for additional durability and stands up to the various sources of moisture that accompanies birds.

Different sizes and types of Nest Boxes are available to best suit your bird.

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When you order, be sure to select which side of your bird's habitat you plan on mounting the Nest Box.

**Some customization of boxes may be available and may come with an additional charge. Contact us prior to ordering for such requests.**

We recommend the addition of "nesting blocks" to all nest boxes for birds from Senegal size on up. Nest Blocks are soft wood pieces specially cut to approximately ¾" x ¾" x 1 ½" . Place Nesting Blocks into the nest box on top of whatever nesting material you are using, or in larger quantities may be used alone. The smaller the bird, the fewer the blocks, and for larger birds, breeders use more of the blocks as the only nesting material in the box.

The birds pick at the specially cut Nesting Blocks and are less tempted to chew on the Nest Boxes themselves prolonging the life of the box.

Nesting Blocks are ordered by weight.