Product Guarantee:

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If any of our products are not up to your standards, then you may return them for a full refund of the purchase price subject to the conditions below:

Nest Boxes: E-mail us at or telephone us at 713-805-4165 and we will provide you with shipping instructions. The items must be unused and the return shipping date must be within one week of the time that you receive them. There is no guarantee past the 7 day inspection period or if the nest box is modified or used in any way.

Bird Butlers: If you follow the instructions provided and your bird does not begin using the Bird Butler within one week, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price. (The vast majority will be using it within the first day!) E-mail us at or telephone us at 713-805-4165 and we will provide you with shipping instructions. The Bird Butler needs to have a shipping date within 14 days of the time that you receive it. There is no guarantee of any sort past the 7 day trial period. Our valves have a manufacturer warranty of 2 years from date of your purchase. Contact us if you need any assistance with a valve.  Small maintenance can also be done to prolong the life of the valve. See steps below.

How do you clean the Bird Butler?

The easiest way is to get a bottle brush and use it to clean the interior. The outside can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Then fill the Bird Butler with water and place a few drops of bleach in it and allow it to sit long enough for the bleach to disinfect the inside. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Do not place the Bird Butler in the dishwasher. The Bird Butler itself will not be damaged, but the diaphragm and 0-rings in the valve will be damaged by the heat, and the valve will start to leak.

For a more thorough clean you can clean the valve itself.

  1. Unscrew the cap to open the valve
  2. Take out the two silicone parts. There will be an O-ring and a Diaphragm
  3. Clean the two new silicone parts thoroughly. Even the smallest grain of sand will cause the valve to leak. The best way to do this is to spray pressurized air onto them to remove any debris.
  4. Replace the silicone parts inside the valve. Make sure that the O-ring is sitting nice and tight in the seat as to prevent leakage.
  5. Place the stem inside of the O-ring. Ensure that the stem is pressed firmly against the surface of the O-ring.
  6. Close the valve and tighten firmly
  7. Install and watch the valve for leakage. If leakage occurs, then the silicone parts were not adequately cleaned.

Can you adjust the flow rate?

The flow can be adjusted on the variable valve only.  The flow-rate of water from the valve can be adjusted by twisting the valve cap clockwise to decrease flow or counter-clockwise to increase the flow-rate

How do you hang a nest box?
Look at our hanging tips just under our FAQ menu button up top.

Are the "Apartment Nest Boxes" for the African Greys and other birds really as good as you say?

Actually they are better, but it is hard to describe how well they really work until you see the birds using one. It is the only style that our founder used for all of his birds. Robert personally bred African Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Sun Conures and Rosellas in them. Other breeders have also had great success with eclectus and a larger custom box of the same design worked great for blue and gold macaws.

What type of glue is used on the nest boxes and ladders and is it safe for my birds?

We call it magic glue. The glue has been FDA approved for use on cutting boards that come into contact with human food. Though more expensive than common white glues, we have been using it for several years and feel that it is the best available. It is very safe for the birds.

How do you ship?

We ship U.P.S. daily or USPS Priority Mail. If you provide an e-mail address with your order, a tracking number will be sent to you. You can then check on your order by clicking on .  Occasionally our shipping auto calculator misbehaves, particularly when attempting to adjust for multiple items and international orders.  If the shipping rate seems excessive, please contact us with what you are trying to order and where it is being shipped to confirm rates.

When do you ship?

Our policy is to ship within ten business days. Most of our nest boxes are handcrafted after the order is received. We do not have a large inventory of nest boxes.  You can be pretty sure the nest box you ordered was built from scratch, just for you.  Large and custom orders may take longer. You will be contacted if any delays are anticipated.

Can you customize my Nest Box?

A resounding maybe.  If you desire customization to a nest box please contact us prior to ordering to see if we can accommodate your request and for a pricing quote.

Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refunds, and Shipping

We pride ourselves on making the exact product the customer orders and stand by our work.  We are not responsible for products that do not meet our quality control due to customer modifications.

We collect costumer's data which is necessary only for the completion of the payment and shipping of the products ordered and direct emails from Birds Etc. We do not sell or share customer data with anyone.  By placing an order or creating an account with Birds Etc, you agree to this policy.

Bird Butlers and Nest Boxes can only be returned if not used and is within 10 business days of purchase. Shipping is paid for by purchaser.

Due to the unique nature of our products, they may be shipped by a carrier most capable of delivering the product.  We aim to provide as accurate of shipping costs at the time of checkout as possible.  However, due to weight, size, and or quantity of the products ordered, shipping costs may be adjusted prior to shipping.  For large and international orders, please contact us prior to  placing the order. We calculate shipping and create a separate invoice.  If shipping costs are too high, contact us and the order can be canceled for a full refund within 3 business days of the order.

We are based in Liberty Hill, Texas and offer limited pick up and local delivery options.  We are happy to talk about your specific order and options.